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We at EPC Professionals are contractors ourselves. We have gotten into our current positions using this exact same contact list, which actually got started out as a handful of names, phone and fax numbers; at a time when even internet usage had not become the norm!

And we must tell you that our experience is raw and first hand. Growing from a very small database into an ever-expanding list of direct recruiters and contacts. It's been a rollercoaster ride! We now want to share this list with YOU, our new friends, to help you so that you too can experience the “ride”!

Company 173
Branch 145
Contacts 552

Why should you choose us?

Ah! That’s because we offer a number of fruitful benefits to you. Check them out:

To make it easier for you, we have designed our site in a way that you can customize and search your database by:

  • Company Name, Industry Sector, Job Discipline, Recruiter Type, Country of Scope

Search results will give you detailed* information on each record including:

  • Countries where they work or have projects in (current & past)
  • List of all pertinent company and contact details including:
  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Additional company branches, if available
  • Phone & Fax, if available
  • An internal link to directly email the contact(s)
  • Direct website links of the recruiters' websites who may require Online Application.
*We strive to give you as much information as is available, though sometimes a contact may only allow website registration of your details.

You can make unlimited searches!

  • Remember that upon signing up, you get a 48 hours unlimited searching for free!You can search as per your convenience all throughout the day. 24x7!

Internal Email Feature

  • You'll be able to email your CV/Resume and additional documents directly from within our portal!
  • We have created a pre-designed email template, when your ready to reach out to your chosen contacts, which you can change to suit your writing needs, or just simply use our ready made format. It’s that easy! With our paid subscription packages, we give you the luxury to upload your documents; CV, cover letter and additional documents directly, which can be used in combination with our internal email feature.
  • Now you can email every contact, personally, using details from your User Profile.
  • You can customize emails using our preset templates or you can make your own.
  • You'll get contacted ASAP by virtue of your personal email inbox. No need for EPC Professionals to be involved!
  • You can keep a track of when and whom you have contacted, with a 90 day “lock” feature, so that you don’t send multiple emails to the same recruiter. No harassing, no email blocking. After 90 days, we highly recommend that you resend again to keep your details updated and fresh in the recruiters’ minds!
  • You’ll also get access to all available Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter links, wherever applicable.

Free CV Review

  • You can have a Free CV review from within our portal. We have also shared some free and amazing CV tips and suggestions on our site, which will benefit you to make a striking CV. This in turn will help you to bag your "dream job"!

Coming Soon....

  • We will soon be introducing additional FREE services. No more hunting job boards, plugging away your time and efforts with minimal results.
  • Mobile Apps
  • Job Postings
  • Job Alerts & Push Notifications
  • CV/Cover Letter creation and makeover services
Stay Glued to take advantage of all we have to offer!


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